The Day We Met



Finally, after emailing each other for six weeks and talking on the phone for hours upon hours for a month, I was only five hours away from meeting Nick for the first time. Filled with great anticipation and a bit of trepidation, I began my road trip to the town that would soon be my new home. My road trip to Nick.

Why trepidation? Mostly because in our written and spoken words, we’d already formed a deep connection, emotionally and sexually. What if there was no physical chemistry? It had happened before with online dating. What a huge disappointment it would be if I was not attracted to Nick or he was not attracted to me. Truly, I wasn’t sure which would be worse.

The first thing to decide was where to meet. Should I meet him at a restaurant, or be very daring and meet him at his house? I teased Nick about meeting him at a restaurant, running my foot along his leg under the table, toward what I imagined would be his very hard cock and rubbing, all the while daring him to maintain his composure. Obviously, I believed it would be a challenge to “behave” myself, even upon our first meeting.

Well, I must admit, I chose to meet him at his house. After all, I was a good girl, right? In full control of my sexual desires, raging though they were. It would be simple. I’d meet him there, and together we’d go to the restaurant for dinner.

Shortly after sunset and through a light drizzle, I searched for his house number. He told me he’d be waiting outside for me. My heart racing with aforementioned anticipation and trepidation, I saw a man hunched over, trying to herd an animal back into the house. I knew it must be him, because he’d told me previously that his cat sometimes wandered outside. My heart melted at the gentle way he scooted the wandering feline back to the safety of home.

He turned toward me as I pulled up. I waved, and upon my relief, felt a sudden shyness. He was even more handsome than photos he’d sent. Oh, I most certainly was NOT disappointed. We’d cleared the first hurdle. Now, hurdle #2. Would he be disappointed in me?

He smiled a warm, welcoming smile, and I was pretty sure a bit of relief flashed in his eyes, too. No, he was not disappointed.

I got out of the car–rushed out of the car, really. Anxious to feel his arms around me. I was surprised at how familiar he felt. He touched my face with his hands and kissed me. Not a timid “nice to meet you” peck, either. No, our first kiss was long and tender. Our second, hot and urgent.

Oh, by the way. That good girl I thought I’d be? Well, apparently I left her behind somewhere along the way on that five hour road trip.


Elise should be here in an hour. Oh my. Finally. I’ve been envisioning the moment for weeks. Most of the day I’ve been cleaning. Though I bought her some flowers and two vases and cut the flowers and made an arrangement, she’s probably not going to be able to take them. They’ll be a memory of our initial meeting.

I made a painting of an orange for her and then attempted another one last night that didn’t come out so good. We talked for an hour on the phone. I found myself in that giddy nervous state. I feel like a 16 year old boy about to go out on a first date. After we hung up, we texted for awhile then I told her I was going out running, she said “save some energy.”

I responded saying ‘Oh, I will.”

She wrote back, “Good boy.” Such sweet music from her lips.

She arrives at 6:30. Finally. She pulls up while I’m trying to get my cat out the bushes. We hug for a long time in the front yard. She’s a tall, pretty woman. We walk into my condo and kiss. We kiss a lot. She kisses beautifully. Softly, but emphatically. I melt into her. We kiss in the living room for five minutes, then in the kitchen for five minutes, then in my paint room for five minutes and then in my bedroom.

We lie down . . .

Click HERE to go to Part 2.


About Nick and Elise

It may turn away some readers to know that Nick and Elise are, shall we say, right smack dab in mid-life. But, it’s part of their story. Blessed with healthy sexual appetites that have not waned as they've aged, they also feel blessed to have found each other, after leaving sexless marriages. And now, having discovered in each other a playmate as well as a soul mate, they play. And they write about it. Some of what they write is real. Some of it is fantasy. Only Nick and Elise know the difference between the two.
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5 Responses to The Day We Met

  1. The Cats Meow says:

    Yay, i’m so glad it worked out for you. Good job for losing that good girl. I think he left his good guy in the house with the cat!


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