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Our Romance

Today, I had the nicest little romantic moment, and I was by myself, though Nick was certainly on my mind. For the first time in several days, the sun was warm and bright, not a single cloud in the blue, … Continue reading

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Dom, Dom, Dom

With each encounter with my “inner” Dom, Mistress Elise becomes stronger. When I first read Nick’s online dating profile, it said he was looking for a “female-led” relationship, I had no idea this meant a relationship where the female would … Continue reading

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Whispered Fantasies

Nick and I are both writers. So often, when we’re making love or having sex of any variety–hot, passionate, rough, playful–we whisper stories to each other. Before Nick, I never thought about the joy being a writer could add to … Continue reading

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A Disappointing Cuckold?

I know that many of you have been waiting with bated breath for the results of last night’s virgin cuckold date. I hope “the rest of the story” will not be a disappointment to you. I must admit, I was … Continue reading

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A Cuckold Date

ELISE WRITES: Two months ago, I’d never heard the word “cuckold” before, much less know the meaning. Of course, when Nick first told me cuckolding turns him on, I had to look up the word. Good old Wikipedia. I’m sure … Continue reading

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