Mr. B Makes Three – Part II

What have we been doing in the two years that led to meeting Mr. Bill? Read all about it in my post titled, Mr. B Makes Three – Part I.

We met Mr. B through Swing Lifestyle. As you know if you’ve read Part I, I told Nick that if he wanted to continue to play with cuckolding, he would have to find me a “bull” that I would like. So, one night, Nick handed me his phone and said, here are a couple you might like.”

I reluctantly put my Kindle down to take a look. “Yes,” I said. “He looks interesting. Yes. Yes,” I mumbled, as I perused down the list. “Nope. Really? Maybe. Yes.”

I continued, until I came upon the photograph of an attractive redhead. “I like him!” I said, finally feeling a spark of interest.

He looked rather roguish–confident and mischievous. I read what he wrote and learned that he liked to cook–something that has always attracted me to a man.

So, we began to email each other. I liked that he was sexy in his emails and looked forward to meeting him. So, we set a “date” for the three of us to meet for a drink.

We met at a sushi restaurant–another pre-requisite in a man, though not seriously. Still, I was happy to learn he, too, liked sushi. When I first saw him, I liked that he was tall and thin, and he had a thick head of longish strawberry-blond hair. As he and Nick learned they’d both worked for the same employer many years ago and shared stories of their lives at the company, I studied him, pictured him naked, wondered what it would feel like to touch him, and be touched by him.

And yes, of course I wondered about his cock, too. Little did Mr. B know that as he and Nick continued to talk about work, I was imagining my foot finding its way under the table and up his leg to his crotch where my toes would feel his warmth and maybe his hard-on, too.

On the way home, Nick and I agreed that we liked him and wondered if he liked us. We wondered about the “what” and “when” of the next step. Later that night, I was excited to receive an email from Mr. B that he, too, was very interested in us.

Here’s what I wrote back to him:

Nick and I both enjoyed meeting you, too. (And thank you for dinner!) It’s funny–on the way home, Nick said, “It felt kind of strange, because on one hand, I felt like I was getting to know a friend, and then I had to remind myself, ‘we’re here to meet the man who may fuck my wife.'”

I said, “There’s no reason he can’t be both.”

Optimally, that’s what we’d like in our next “cuckold” relationship. Someone we can both be friends with–a different kind of “friends with benefits.” But, as we talked about last night, there’s such a fine line between feeling friendship and too much intimacy, and there are three people with whom the mix needs to be just right. That’s the tricky part.

But we’d love to get together again soon. We have already begun to fantasize about you sexually, and have gotten great joy out of those fantasies–like last night. Poor Nick was so hot thinking of me as his mistress, fucking you in front of him. So, I sank right into the role, let him enter me, then denied him at the end.

Just as he swelled, ready to cum, I told him to stop and pushed him away. Then, I told him he had to watch me cum, and told him he’d have to wait until tonight for his turn. And you were a part of all of it. 🙂

I told Nick that the next time, I wanted to meet with Mr. B alone and looked forward to having a conversation with him over drinks to get to know him better.

Cuckolding is full of dichotomies. There’s heated passion and deep regret. There’s excitement and anticipation about a “date” and there’s worry about being seen by someone Nick or I know. That, I’ll admit, weighs heavily on me.

I cheated in my previous marriage and I still have deep regrets about it. I have no desire to cheat now, but of course, if someone Nick and I know sees me with another man, that would be the first thing they’d think–Elise is cheating on Nick. Because I’m certainly not going to explain to them that it’s with Nick’s permission (and encouragement) that I’m out with another man.

Anyway, back to the hotness of cuckolding. There’s a certain thrill in getting dressed for a “date” with a new man, all the way down to which pretty panties to wear. After all, who knows where the night might go, despite the best laid plans?

What would Mr. B like to see me dressed in? What would turn him on? I was pretty sure at the very least, he’d want me sans bra, and so, I chose a dress to accentuate my nipples, and I let Nick choose the pretty panties.

I walked into the restaurant and didn’t see Mr. B, so I decided to go ahead and be seated by the hostess, and I texted him that I had arrived. I must admit, I was a little disappointed, maybe simply uncomfortable, to be sitting in the restaurant alone–never been very good at that.

When I didn’t receive a text back right away, I worried that maybe I’d been stood up, and I wondered how long I should wait before leaving.

About 10 minutes later, Mr. B texted me that he was waiting in the bar and hadn’t seen my text. I was slightly perturbed that he hadn’t been waiting with bated breath for my arrival or text, but I kicked myself and realized it was only my insecurity about sitting by myself as everyone in the entire restaurant stared at me and wondered if I’d been stood up.  

I walked over to the bar and found Mr. B. Once our conversation started, I loosened up and enjoyed the time we spent getting to know each other. He walked me to my car and we shared a very heated kiss. He slid his hand beneath my dress to feel my breast, and I felt my clit swell with the warmth of his hand.

Author Note: Wow–recollecting all of this is HOT. However, I realize this story is going to require a Part III. Sorry!

Believe it or not, Mr. B and I met one more time before anything happened. Maybe I was still a little hesitant to possibly get into another scenario that would draw the long conversations between Nick and me about why it did or didn’t work for one or the other of us. For whatever reason, I decided I wanted to meet one more time and inch forward rather than leap into a hot fucking with Mr. B. Thankfully, he was patient and agreed we should take our time.

I received this email from Mr. B:

So, we met at another restaurant, only this time, Nick sat down the bar from us and watched us talk and flirt with each other. Every once in awhile, I texted Nick with pictures of Mr. B touching my bare leg.

That night, Nick and I came home from the restaurant. He fucked me hard and long and woke me in the middle of the night to take me again, but I denied him.

Author Note #2: Nick just went out for a run, and I’m all alone. I think I’ll go have my way with myself. But I shall return.

So, my hot thoughts about Mr. B were escalating. But suddenly, I quit hearing from him. I’d purposely kept my emotional distance–this cuckolding can be such a game. I wrote him to say it seemed there was no longer enough interest for us to continue moving forward.

He wrote back and explained that he was with his mother in another state, after an emergency. He was with her for a few weeks, and following that, Nick and I were out of town for a few weeks. So, needless to say, things stalled for awhile.

When we finally scheduled another meeting–a meeting we decided would be the cuckold scene itself, another dichotomy. I anticipated it with tingling clit, but also felt a lot of apprehension after not seeing him or talking to him for so long.

Sorry for the cliffhanger, but this is getting to be a long post. I promise Part III will be all about our very hot scene. Read all about it HERE.





About Nick and Elise

It may turn away some readers to know that Nick and Elise are, shall we say, right smack dab in mid-life. But, it’s part of their story. Blessed with healthy sexual appetites that have not waned as they've aged, they also feel blessed to have found each other, after leaving sexless marriages. And now, having discovered in each other a playmate as well as a soul mate, they play. And they write about it. Some of what they write is real. Some of it is fantasy. Only Nick and Elise know the difference between the two.
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