About Us


It may turn away some readers to know that Nick and Elise are, shall we say, right smack dab in mid-life. But, it’s part of their story. Blessed with healthy sexual appetites that have not waned as they’ve aged, they feel lucky to have found each other after leaving sexless marriages.

And now, having discovered in each other a playmate as well as a soul mate, they play. And they write about it. Some of what they write is real. Some of it is fantasy.

Only Nick and Elise know the difference between the two.



Enclosed inside a hard and rigid shell called “good girl” is a rather naughty and mischievous woman–me. Even today, words from my childhood–“Behave yourself”–haunt me. I’ve tried over the years to break free, but I’ve done little more than crack the surface of the thick shell. Whatever tiny cracks I do make are usually quickly covered up again by layer upon layer of new expectations.

Today, I’m on a path to discovery, though I’m not sure where it will take me. What I do know is, I’m at a time in my life when I think it’s okay to play, to take risks. Most of all, I feel lucky to have found Nick, a man who encourages my naughtiness, with whom I feel safe to explore, to step outside of my comfort zone, even make mistakes.

Meet NICK:


I believe a kinky-passionate-romantic-intimate-love is very possible and could be sweetly intense and deeply fulfilling. I am thrilled that Elise wants to explore that vision together. I confess, that, I hesitated to share all of my interests with her. My bad boy has played alone or in secret places for most of my adult life. That hasn’t worked very well for me and I vowed to change that. Fortunately Elise broke the ice for us with a sensual story she sent to me which made it a hundred times easier to open up to her.

I am mostly a submissive male (but I CAN switch when she needs a paddling.) I like chastity and various forms of discipline and numerous other kinks, but being cuckolded raises me up to the top of my submissive space. I like to watch, but I should add, that Elise happens to enjoy being watched. I’m anticipating great fun.

About that story …

One of those “cracks” that Elise speaks about caught my attention. It happened not too long after we’d been writing to each other. It arrived in my hands in the form of a “story” she sent one cool Sunday morning. It was unexpected. The crack became an opening I most definitely wanted to explore (forgive the pun). So I wrote a somewhat voyeuristic reply, placing myself in her story and watching (I do like to watch).

It turns out that Elise enjoyed being watched.

Now that’s serendipitous.


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