Late morning, back a week ago
Saturday, laying naked from the waist down
wearing just your thin Sugar Babies t-shirt
that outlines your nipples
I’m sitting on my knees
ready to enter
but looking, seeing and relishing
the sight and the anticipation
amazed at my luck
your legs partly opened
lips slightly separated
still concealing
as if to tease
I smile
and you are grinning
amused it seems with my investigation
reveling in my boyish obsession
my small spasm response to your pussy

I lean down and kiss your thigh
run a fingertip along your lip
inhale your musk
and with my tongue
find that you’re salty
which pulls at me for obvious reasons
but also because your vagina
is like a drink I cannot get enough of
because you tease and deny
because you pull your panties up
and pull your pajama bottoms
on as if you were a regular woman

And though you disappear behind
the bathroom door and our morning ends
the scent, the taste, the sight
the symmetry
melts into a warm yearning
a romantic hope
that seizes me gently
throughout the day


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