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Cuckold vs. Affair

When Nick and I first started thinking about making our cuckold fantasies real, he had a hard time understanding why, if I could cheat on my ex-husband, I had any discomfort with cuckolding. I even asked myself why I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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The Cuckoldress Couch

With the publication of our books about our cuckolding experiences, we’ve started to get some questions about the ambivalence associated with the real world of cuckolding. I thought I’d share a few of those questions and my answers: (6/4/15 Update: I decided … Continue reading

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A Quiet, Simple Phrase

NICK WRITES: Last Saturday had been a long day for Elise. She was stressed and irritated, the culmination of a two and a half week period where she’d basically given herself over to caring for others and it had finally … Continue reading

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She Broke into a Laugh

We got to her bedroom and began to make love. The room was dark. I quickly wanted inside. I was hungry for her, greedy. Nothing languid and slow in my thrusts.    She began whispering to me and told me a story … Continue reading

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Nick Has Been Cuckolded–Part III: Post-cuckold

NOTE: I don’t like to read long blog posts, so as I began to write the story of Nick’s and my first cuckold experience, I decided to split it into three separate posts: Part I: Pre-cuckold Part II: The Act … Continue reading

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Last night, Nick read me this poem that he wrote a few weeks ago: You fall asleep watching a movie, your hair smelling like smoke from the earlier fire, when I sat beside you, with others I didn’t know, its … Continue reading

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