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Cuckold vs. Affair

When Nick and I first started thinking about making our cuckold fantasies real, he had a hard time understanding why, if I could cheat on my ex-husband, I had any discomfort with cuckolding. I even asked myself why I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: Elise’s First Orgasm

This afternoon, I commanded the Zirton to tickle my fancy, get me off, make me cum, give me an orgasm. (We call my favorite vibrator the Zirton, because he looks like a Martian, don’t you think?) While I basked in my post-orgasmic afterglow, it occurred to me … Continue reading

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The Cuckoldress Couch

With the publication of our books about our cuckolding experiences, we’ve started to get some questions about the ambivalence associated with the real world of cuckolding. I thought I’d share a few of those questions and my answers: (6/4/15 Update: I decided … Continue reading

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Bare Naked Truth

ELISE SAYS: Last night, as with most nights, after we got into bed, after we finished talking about whether or not we’d be able to bear watching the next episode of Tudors–the beheading of Anne Boleyn, after I snuggled into … Continue reading

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My Possessiveness

NICK WRITES: Yesterday, Elise spanked me. With each smack of the paddle, she had me recite these words several times, “You are not mine, Mistress. I don’t own you.” We had argued the night before about an email from an … Continue reading

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A Quiet, Simple Phrase

NICK WRITES: Last Saturday had been a long day for Elise. She was stressed and irritated, the culmination of a two and a half week period where she’d basically given herself over to caring for others and it had finally … Continue reading

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Our Sexploration

ELISE WRITES: Sometimes the only way to discover the right path is to discover the wrong path. In the last few days, Nick and I found we’d gone “the wrong way” on our sexploration path to intimacy. Our latest walk … Continue reading

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