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A Night With Mr. B, Part Deux

We had our second “date” with Mr. B last week. This time, I asked Nick if he’d tell his side of the story.

Nick obliged and described his three highlights. I loved reading about what he liked best. I hope you will, too!

Highlight #1

After we’d been in the room for a few minutes,  Elise sat on the bed across from the chair where I was sitting. Mr. B was in the bathroom

“Strip,” she commanded.

Her request surprised me a little as we’d  kind of planned that I would leave the room for a while at the beginning of the night, and I’d prepared myself to have to leave, to be gone for thirty minutes while they warmed up. I was thrilled she let me stay.

I undressed and sat naked in front of her when Mr. B came out of the bathroom. She stood to greet him and, a sly smile shared between them, they began to  kiss. They caressed and hugged,  then kissed some more, displaying a chemistry that pleasantly surprised me.

Maybe it was his slowness or maybe it was her urgency. I imagined they were re-discovering an affinity they’d discovered during their first encounter.  Their caresses felt soothing. He ran his hand between her legs, then over her ass before lifting her silky blouse and caressing her back.

She reached for him, at least I imagined she did, but damn, I couldn’t see. They whispered to one another which made their soft urgency more electric, more private, in a way that swelled my cock and swelled my cuckold spirit. I could feel Elise begin to glow. Mr B had started a small fire in her.

Highlight #2

Later, after Mr. B and I watched Elise cum three times using her toy, and after Mr. B had been inside her in several different positions, he slowed his pace, settled on top of her and began speaking softly to her.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

She laughed quietly. “Are you?”

They were talking about his cumming.

“Yes,” he answered. He was ready.

These quiet whispers thickened my cock more than the subject did. Their intimacy created a humiliating separation that lengthened my cock, as if it might bridge the space between us.

I loved the way Mr. B treated Elise with such sweet regard, how tender and curious he was in his pursuit of satisfying her, as if it was a priority for him, which I knew would please her, which pleased me.

After their tender words, he raised himself and slowly began thrusting. She cried out with the weight of his pelvis contacting hers.  Mostly hidden from me, she was submerged beneath him. I watched from the side at first and then from behind, where I watched his cock thrust into her. As he built momentum, his legs and ass powerful, all masculine, he seemed to overwhelm her small frame which she’d opened to him, her knees spread on either side of his hips, her vagina parted and pink, their skin in full contact.

He growled and thrust and thrust and  grew more intense and urgent until he reached a crest, sighed and let go. His muscles relaxed, signaling he’d cum, and he partially collapsed onto her, while she continued to caress him, reassuringly, gratefully, bringing him down from his peak.

I was reminded of the psychoanalyst Leslie Faber’s  remark that men don’t really take women, women take men. He was right. My wife had absorbed the whole of him and was now beneath him, her hair tussled, her face glowing. He relaxed,  pinning  her with the momentary limp weight of his body.

I exhaled. Bravo! I wanted to clap and call out as if I’d just watched a couple perform a beautiful dance. My cock thickened in my hand. I could have cum, but of course, I did not.

Highlight #3

While Mr. B was in the bathroom, I sat on the edge of my chair and stroked my cock. Elise noticed and propped her head up on her elbow. Diva-like, she lay cross-wise on the bed, her hip rising out of the tangled sheets, her bare pussy closed. She grinned at me as if intoxicated, flush with the vibrations of Mr. B’s orgasm, still tingling,

“Did you like that?” she asked.

” Yes, it was incredible. There are no words to describe what I’m feeling.” I said, giddy. I wanted inside her.

“I want you to keep doing that. I want you to edge yourself.” She paused, her eyes gathering light. “You see, I’m not going to let you cum inside me. I want you to cum by stroking yourself in front of us. Wait until Mr. B gets out of the bathroom.”

“But I want to cum in you,” I replied.

“I know you do, but no,” she grinned amused but assured. She’d made up her mind. I could tell. I’d have to touch her, make contact to get her to change it.

“ I want you to cum like that, but wait for him.” She said to refute my thoughts.

She denies me, but not that often.

“Wait,” she warned knowing how desperate I was to enter her and how this dominant little play she’d made up was affecting me.

Mr B. returned and  Elise asked him to lie behind her and cuddle with her.  Their naked bodies pressed together as I stroked myself.

Elise turned and whispered to Mr. B, “He’s going to cum like that. I’m not letting him inside me.”

His fingers slipped between her legs and into her, causing her to arch suddenly and close her eyes.  She responded to his touch. I stroked, edging myself closer.  He whispered then she whispered. He caressed more and she sighed.  I was ready to explode.  They whispered again.

“Okay,” she said. “Mr B. wants to see you cum inside me. You should thank him.”

He rolled away from her.

I jumped up, climbed on the bed,  and entered my wife, smothering her with kisses. I came within minutes.

It would have been even sooner, if she had allowed it.

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Mr. B Makes Three – Part III

If you’d like to read what happened before Part III, click on the following:

Mr. B Makes Three – Part I

Mr. B Makes Three – Part II

Once we decided to meet for the “Main Event,” the cuckolding itself, I asked Nick to find a nice hotel with a bar. He proceeded to “google” it, and found a trendy loft hotel. Mr. B and I decided to meet in the bar, and I told Nick he should go to the room and prepare it for us.

When we arrived at the hotel, Nick let me off at the door, and he checked in. He carried with him the satchel of candles, a speaker, his iPhone with playlist and of course, condoms.

I walked into the bar and took a deep breath as I searched for Mr. B. I knew he’d be sitting at the bar–his favorite place to sit.  I approached him and touched him on the shoulder. When he smiled and gave me a hug, my concerns about the length of time since our last meeting began to melt away.

We spent a little time getting caught up on what had been happening in each of our lives for a bit, then we began to talk about how the night might go. I told him Nick was in the room getting it ready for us.

I enjoyed my conversation with Mr. B, but by now, you’re probably ready for me to jump to the scene, right?

As we walked to the room, I admitted to Mr. B that I was still a little nervous, but I was sure as soon as I walked through the door, a change would come over me and I’d get into the scene–I always do.

I’m not sure if he believed me though.

And so, we walked through the door.

The edgy, contemporary style suited the scene perfectly. Nick had lit candles and sensual music played in the background. Nick and Mr. B shook hands and within two minutes of entering the room, Mr. B and I began kissing. Best of all, when I pressed against him, I felt his hot, rock-hard cock, which of course, made me want him right then and there.

Had it been Nick, I would have taken him. But Mr. B warned me that he would be dominant, and that he would lead the way. I liked that. I like to be led–to be taken.

His body was firm and he held me tight. How is it possible to be touched firmly and gently at the same time? He did, and his hands caressed my neck and moved to my breasts.

I looked at Nick, sitting on the couch and said, “Take your clothes off. I want you to be the first to undress.”

He did as I requested and stood naked before us.

Mr. B murmured that he wanted our bodies to touch skin-to-skin as he pulled my blouse over my head. I tossed it at Nick.

“Fold it nicely,” I said, as Mr. B kissed my nipples.

“Yes, Mistress,” Nick replied.

I pulled Mr. B’s shirt off and he pushed me onto the bed. I couldn’t wait to feel his half-naked body on top of mine, especially couldn’t wait to press against his hard cock. He kissed me intensely, and whispered in my ear, “Is everything okay?”

I appreciated that he asked and signaled that all was good by reaching to his waistline and tried to unbutton his jeans.

“Not yet,” he said. “I’ll tell you when.”

I swooned at his denial of my pleasure and at the saffron-like scent of his skin.

I told Nick to come to me and he and his erection approached. I touched his hard cock with one hand and touched Mr. B’s with the other, then sucked on Nick’s cock, maybe secretly hoping it would entice Mr. B to finally let me see his.

But it didn’t. Instead, he pulled my pants off and pulled me to the edge of the bed. He touched my clit and when he placed his finger inside me, my back arched in pleasure as he massaged the folds around my clit.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Nick said to Mr. B.

“Yes, she is. You’re a lucky man,” replied Mr. B.

All I could think about was how lucky I was in that moment, to have two men wanting me.

I looked at Mr. B and asked, “Can I have you now?”

He grinned. “You want me now?”

“Yes.” I invited him with my open legs.

He unzipped his pants and exposed his long, hard cock.

“Get him a condom,” I said to Nick, and of course, he obeyed me.

Then Mr. B, his body warm and moist with perspiration, crawled on top of me and teased me with his cock, ran it along the opening that throbbed for him and whispered, “Are you ready?”

I didn’t answer with words, instead, pulled him inside me. There’s nothing more glorious than that first entry. He entered slowly and kissed my neck. I nipped his shoulder and inhaled his scent as I wondered what Nick must be thinking and feeling.

Mr. B pressed deep and slow and I closed my eyes and began to float in a cloud of ecstasy, until I began to think about being fucked by two men and said to Mr. B, “It’s Nick’s turn.”

He complied and stood as Nick approached me.

“You can fuck me, but you can’t come,” I said. “You can’t come until Mr. B comes.”

“I know, Mistress,” he said.

But it didn’t take long for me to know that Nick was very close. He was swollen and moving slowly, clearly trying to keep from cumming.

“Okay, stop,” I said. “Let Mr. B have me again.”

I mean really. How hot is it that I got to have these two men waiting in line to fuck me?

Mr. B told me to get on my knees and when he entered me and pushed deep inside me, it hurt so, so good. Every once in awhile, I opened my eyes to see Nick right beside me, touching his swollen cock.

When Mr. B turned me over again, he said, “Do you want me to cum? I’m close.”

“Yes, I want to feel you cum,” I said, and within seconds, he swelled even harder, as if that was possible, and cried a series of “Oh my God’s,” as he pulsed inside me.

We lay there in a sated embrace for a few moments as I enjoyed the feel of his body. After awhile, I asked Nick, “Are you ready for your turn?”

“I am, Mistress,” he replied.

And within less than a minute of entering me, he came in the glorious, ecstasy-filled, orchestral, laugh-inducing way he always cums.

I giggled and said to Mr. B, who was lying on the edge of the bed, “Sometimes we laugh when Nick cums.”

The three of us lay in bed and talked about a variety of things from books that we’ve read, books that we’re writing, old loves, all laced with compliments we passed back and forth about how we enjoyed the evening.

Then, Mr. B said, “Well, it’s a school night, so I guess I’d better go.”

He told me earlier that he’d leave Nick and I alone and wouldn’t linger. That was thoughtful of him.

Nick and I stayed for another 30 minutes or so, then headed back to our real lives–our home, where our sweet dog probably wondered why we weren’t home and in bed.

But we stopped for my requisite milkshake on the way home.





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Mr. B Makes Three – Part II

What have we been doing in the two years that led to meeting Mr. Bill? Read all about it in my post titled, Mr. B Makes Three – Part I.

We met Mr. B through Swing Lifestyle. As you know if you’ve read Part I, I told Nick that if he wanted to continue to play with cuckolding, he would have to find me a “bull” that I would like. So, one night, Nick handed me his phone and said, here are a couple you might like.”

I reluctantly put my Kindle down to take a look. “Yes,” I said. “He looks interesting. Yes. Yes,” I mumbled, as I perused down the list. “Nope. Really? Maybe. Yes.”

I continued, until I came upon the photograph of an attractive redhead. “I like him!” I said, finally feeling a spark of interest.

He looked rather roguish–confident and mischievous. I read what he wrote and learned that he liked to cook–something that has always attracted me to a man.

So, we began to email each other. I liked that he was sexy in his emails and looked forward to meeting him. So, we set a “date” for the three of us to meet for a drink.

We met at a sushi restaurant–another pre-requisite in a man, though not seriously. Still, I was happy to learn he, too, liked sushi. When I first saw him, I liked that he was tall and thin, and he had a thick head of longish strawberry-blond hair. As he and Nick learned they’d both worked for the same employer many years ago and shared stories of their lives at the company, I studied him, pictured him naked, wondered what it would feel like to touch him, and be touched by him.

And yes, of course I wondered about his cock, too. Little did Mr. B know that as he and Nick continued to talk about work, I was imagining my foot finding its way under the table and up his leg to his crotch where my toes would feel his warmth and maybe his hard-on, too.

On the way home, Nick and I agreed that we liked him and wondered if he liked us. We wondered about the “what” and “when” of the next step. Later that night, I was excited to receive an email from Mr. B that he, too, was very interested in us.

Here’s what I wrote back to him:

Nick and I both enjoyed meeting you, too. (And thank you for dinner!) It’s funny–on the way home, Nick said, “It felt kind of strange, because on one hand, I felt like I was getting to know a friend, and then I had to remind myself, ‘we’re here to meet the man who may fuck my wife.'”

I said, “There’s no reason he can’t be both.”

Optimally, that’s what we’d like in our next “cuckold” relationship. Someone we can both be friends with–a different kind of “friends with benefits.” But, as we talked about last night, there’s such a fine line between feeling friendship and too much intimacy, and there are three people with whom the mix needs to be just right. That’s the tricky part.

But we’d love to get together again soon. We have already begun to fantasize about you sexually, and have gotten great joy out of those fantasies–like last night. Poor Nick was so hot thinking of me as his mistress, fucking you in front of him. So, I sank right into the role, let him enter me, then denied him at the end.

Just as he swelled, ready to cum, I told him to stop and pushed him away. Then, I told him he had to watch me cum, and told him he’d have to wait until tonight for his turn. And you were a part of all of it. 🙂

I told Nick that the next time, I wanted to meet with Mr. B alone and looked forward to having a conversation with him over drinks to get to know him better.

Cuckolding is full of dichotomies. There’s heated passion and deep regret. There’s excitement and anticipation about a “date” and there’s worry about being seen by someone Nick or I know. That, I’ll admit, weighs heavily on me.

I cheated in my previous marriage and I still have deep regrets about it. I have no desire to cheat now, but of course, if someone Nick and I know sees me with another man, that would be the first thing they’d think–Elise is cheating on Nick. Because I’m certainly not going to explain to them that it’s with Nick’s permission (and encouragement) that I’m out with another man.

Anyway, back to the hotness of cuckolding. There’s a certain thrill in getting dressed for a “date” with a new man, all the way down to which pretty panties to wear. After all, who knows where the night might go, despite the best laid plans?

What would Mr. B like to see me dressed in? What would turn him on? I was pretty sure at the very least, he’d want me sans bra, and so, I chose a dress to accentuate my nipples, and I let Nick choose the pretty panties.

I walked into the restaurant and didn’t see Mr. B, so I decided to go ahead and be seated by the hostess, and I texted him that I had arrived. I must admit, I was a little disappointed, maybe simply uncomfortable, to be sitting in the restaurant alone–never been very good at that.

When I didn’t receive a text back right away, I worried that maybe I’d been stood up, and I wondered how long I should wait before leaving.

About 10 minutes later, Mr. B texted me that he was waiting in the bar and hadn’t seen my text. I was slightly perturbed that he hadn’t been waiting with bated breath for my arrival or text, but I kicked myself and realized it was only my insecurity about sitting by myself as everyone in the entire restaurant stared at me and wondered if I’d been stood up.  

I walked over to the bar and found Mr. B. Once our conversation started, I loosened up and enjoyed the time we spent getting to know each other. He walked me to my car and we shared a very heated kiss. He slid his hand beneath my dress to feel my breast, and I felt my clit swell with the warmth of his hand.

Author Note: Wow–recollecting all of this is HOT. However, I realize this story is going to require a Part III. Sorry!

Believe it or not, Mr. B and I met one more time before anything happened. Maybe I was still a little hesitant to possibly get into another scenario that would draw the long conversations between Nick and me about why it did or didn’t work for one or the other of us. For whatever reason, I decided I wanted to meet one more time and inch forward rather than leap into a hot fucking with Mr. B. Thankfully, he was patient and agreed we should take our time.

I received this email from Mr. B:

So, we met at another restaurant, only this time, Nick sat down the bar from us and watched us talk and flirt with each other. Every once in awhile, I texted Nick with pictures of Mr. B touching my bare leg.

That night, Nick and I came home from the restaurant. He fucked me hard and long and woke me in the middle of the night to take me again, but I denied him.

Author Note #2: Nick just went out for a run, and I’m all alone. I think I’ll go have my way with myself. But I shall return.

So, my hot thoughts about Mr. B were escalating. But suddenly, I quit hearing from him. I’d purposely kept my emotional distance–this cuckolding can be such a game. I wrote him to say it seemed there was no longer enough interest for us to continue moving forward.

He wrote back and explained that he was with his mother in another state, after an emergency. He was with her for a few weeks, and following that, Nick and I were out of town for a few weeks. So, needless to say, things stalled for awhile.

When we finally scheduled another meeting–a meeting we decided would be the cuckold scene itself, another dichotomy. I anticipated it with tingling clit, but also felt a lot of apprehension after not seeing him or talking to him for so long.

Sorry for the cliffhanger, but this is getting to be a long post. I promise Part III will be all about our very hot scene. Read all about it HERE.




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Mr. B Makes Three – Part I

Though Nick and I have continued to experiment and play with cuckolding, it’s been over two years since my last post. Hard to believe. I guess it has to do with feeling slightly burned out by the long discussions Nick and I often had after a scene–discussions about what went right and, more heavily weighted, what went wrong.

I’ve written about the ambivalence I sometimes feel about cuckolding in previous posts. On one hand, I love the scenes–the excitement of a new man and especially, I love to see Nick so turned on. On the other hand, I find myself trying to ignore the ever-present question, “If Nick loves me, how can he want me to fuck another man?”

Much of the discussion Nick and I have had over the last two years has to do with finding a “bull” that satisfies both of our desires. Nick most looks for dominance in a bull. He wants a man who will take control, whether it’s control of me, Nick or both of us. His fear with a bull is that there will be secrets that could put a wedge between us.

My ideal bull is a man with whom I can establish a relationship. I don’t know if it’s true for most women, but for me, sex is hottest when there’s mutual affection. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a “sex toy” during the scene, but not so much when it’s over.

So, you can see how Nick’s and my ideas of an ideal bull clash, and it’s been big challenge for us to find a man who is “just right” for both of us.

In the last two years, we’ve met men on FetLife, we’ve chatted on Kik and met a few in person. We even visited a sensual/erotic masseuse–and then fucked.

Here are a few of the reasons those bulls didn’t work out:

  • The bull was in a relationship and his partner didn’t know about his “other” life. (That a “no-no” for us.)
  • The bull was too dominant and persistent.
  • There wasn’t enough of an attraction.
  • In a variety of ways, Nick felt several bulls try to put a wedge between us.

Honestly, I was ready to throw in the towel and even cancelled my FetLife account–tired of trying to find “just right.” I mean, this was supposed to be fun, and often, it wasn’t.

But after several cuckold-free months passed, I told Nick that if he wanted to pursue finding another bull again, he’d have “search” and send me the ones he thought I’d be interested in.

His site of choice was Swing Lifestyle, and it was kind of fun to let him “do the work,” and filter bulls and send me the ones he thought I’d like.

Sometimes, after reading the profile and viewing pictures, I replied, “Really? No.”

But most of the time, I said, “Give him my email address,” and the bull and I would start corresponding. If I liked what he had to say, we’d meet for a drink. In more cases than not, we didn’t get any further than that.

I know. I’m a very picky cuckoldress. But then came Mr. B.

Of course, you’ll have to read Part II for the rest of the story.



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Cuckold vs. Affair

When Nick and I first started thinking about making our cuckold fantasies real, he had a hard time understanding why, if I could cheat on my ex-husband, I had any discomfort with cuckolding. I even asked myself why I wouldn’t be thrilled with the opportunity to have sex with other men, and be able to be out in the open with Nick about it.

Recently, I’ve also had a discussion with a FetLife ((I’m Elise-Sanders on FetLife) friend on this topic, so I’ve thought a lot about it. Here’s what I wrote to my friend, which pretty much follows along with how Nick and I have discussed it, too:

Nick and I have talked a lot about the difference between an affair and a cuckold. There was a time when he thought the two were the same, and he didn’t understand why, if a woman can have an affair, she wouldn’t be comfortable cuckolding. (We had this discussion when we were talking about whether or not to make cuckolding real. He didn’t understand why, if I could have an affair, I’m not comfortable cuckolding.)

It’s an excellent question, and one that perhaps you’ve asked yourself with regard to your wife’s affair. Here’s what I told Nick, and I can only speak for myself, but I wonder if it’s the same for many women:

What drove me to have my affair was a need for something that I wasn’t getting from my husband, whether it was physical or emotional intimacy, or acceptance for who I was, etc. The affair was mine. Well, mine and the other man’s. My ex-husband played no part in it, and in fact, I think it comforted me to have my own little world with this other man-a world that didn’t include my ex-husband.

So, there’s the difference. As I see it, a primary part of the cuckolding fetish is for the woman to share everything with her husband, perhaps even humiliate him with the prowess of her lover. But the main thing is SHARING. If an affair is an escape, that’s the last thing the woman will want to do is share her private world, her escape, from perhaps the very thing she’s trying to escape from.

I also thought some more about it in the last few nights. If I’d had an affair on Nick that had been secret, but he somehow found out, whether I later admitted it or he found out on his own, I’d carry a lot of guilt about it. (Just as I still do about my affair in my previous marriage.) If the affair hurt him in any way, I don’t care how much he tried to convince me that cuckolding turned him on, I wouldn’t be able to do it without a lot of guilt and concern that it would remind him of my affair.

Worse yet, I would probably do it for him, because I’d feel I owed it to him because I had the affair. This, in turn, would cause a lot of internal resentment on my part. That’s a relationship-killer and it only grows inside. Believe me–I’ve experienced it.

Nick and I have played with cuckolding, both in real life and in fantasy, but I haven’t had an affair with Nick, which I think makes it easier. Still, as many have said in other writings on FetLife, real life cuckolding is different from fantasy.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. If you’ve had an affair, did it change how you feel about cuckolding?

Nick and Elise’s Sexcellent Adventures: The Cuckold
Nick and Elise’s Sexcellent Adventures: Return of the Bull

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Throwback Thursday: Elise’s First Orgasm

IMG_6648 (2)This afternoon, I commanded the Zirton to tickle my fancy, get me off, make me cum, give me an orgasm. (We call my favorite vibrator the Zirton, because he looks like a Martian, don’t you think?)

While I basked in my post-orgasmic afterglow, it occurred to me that today is Thursday–Throwback Thursday. That, in turn, made me laugh, thinking about my first orgasm.

I was but a wee lass and though, of course I knew about the birds and the bees, I’m not so sure I knew much about orgasms, or that I was capable of having one, because what I do remember was the shock when “it” arrived. (The very pleasant shock!)


I remember pulling a monster that looked something like this out of my parents’ nightstand drawer. Of course, I massaged my back first, then my thighs. Then, I must have been curious about how it would feel between my legs, so I let it rest there, ever so lightly, because as you may know, these contraptions have a mean buzz.


Oh, it felt damn good. So, I figured I’d let it linger there for a bit.

Then…OMG! Something warm-wonderful-hot-and-electric, vibrated and buzzed and sizzled through me–the most incredible feeling I’d ever had.

I was shocked. Thrilled. Awed by the feeling.

My life would never be the same, and there was nothing left but to do it again. And I did. Again and again and again.

Tell me about your first orgasm!

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The Cuckoldress Couch

With the publication of our books about our cuckolding experiences, we’ve started to get some questions about the ambivalence associated with the real world of cuckolding.

I thought I’d share a few of those questions and my answers: (6/4/15 Update: I decided to ask Nick for his answers and have added them below!)

Question: How did you get interested in cuckolding and the hotwife lifestyle?

Elise: Although I fantasized about group sex, I didn’t get into cuckolding until I met Nick, which was two years ago. From the beginning, he told me his fantasies. Though I found it strange at first, that he wanted to share me with other men, later, I began to tell him fantasy stories about me cuckolding him.

Finally, I decided to give it a try in the real world, and found a bull on my own. One day, I texted Nick and told him I had a date.

I had no idea it would turn him on as much as it did. That night, when I got home, we fucked through the night and he came six times. Add that to the three times the bull came, and as you can see, it was a hot, hot night!

Nick: I’ve been interested in it since I was 17. I always had fantasies of my partner having sex with another guy. I think it started when I heard a story about our high school quarterback’s girlfriend. She’d found out he cheated on her. They were at a party one night and she snuck off with a guy and gave him a blow job. Afterwards she quickly found her boyfriend, gave him a big kiss and asked, “How does that taste?”

I think the fantasy keeps me in touch with the reality that Elise is a free woman, with her own strong sexual desires. I’m fortunate that she directs them at me. 

Question: I want my girlfriend to be more open to cuckolding, but she still has some concerns. How did you find your way to a hotter sex life?

Elise:  Nick and I have always had a very hot sex life. We played with fantasies and toys from the very beginning. We both came from sexless marriages, and had pretty much given up on ever having a sex life again.

But when we met, we were electric, and we realize it takes a lot of imagination and creativity to keep it hot. We’re both thankful we found each other.

Give your girlfriend some time. The most important thing to realize is that fantasy is different from reality. You’ll both be dealing with a lot of real feelings that maybe you won’t anticipate. That’s what Nick and I discovered. You will need to talk about it–a lot. I’m think Nick and I will play with cuckolding again, but probably only at sex clubs, and not with an ongoing relationship. It’s too complicated.

And for now, it’s very hot just whispering cuckold fantasies in his ear as he fucks me. 🙂

Nick: Listen to her concerns. She is not openly saying “no,” so the first step is to assure her you care about her concerns. I tell Elise over and over that I only want her to do this if she wants to do it. It’s fine that a part of her loves that it turns me on so much but there also needs to be something about cuckolding that she likes, that turns her on, otherwise it’s not going to work.

The most important thing is that she knows she can back out at any time. A lot of Elise’s concerns are about how I’m really going to feel. I think deep down she has a hard time believing I’d really cherish hearing her tell me, “I really wanted him. I loved the way he sucked on my nipples. His cock was so thick I had an orgasm when he was in me. You’ve never done that.”

We found our way to hotter sex by being honest and respectful. I’ve never been so sexually open with a woman I love. Chastity has also helped. I don’t ever orgasm unless I am with Elise. My sexuality runs through her and our relationship. I no longer masterbate unless she wants to watch me do it. Under her rather conservative, serious, quiet nature, Elise is a very sexual woman who loves being desired. If there’s a basic turnon she has about cuckolding, it’s that she gets to be desired by another man.

You don’t need to jump all the way in to cuckolding but can work toward it in fantasy play. Your girlfriend could make up a story about a hot guy she noticed at work, text you that she coming home late from work because she has a date, or even get on one of those anonymous chat lines and have some hot talk with a stranger while you listen. You could also create an agreement that for a period of time you’ll pretend, you’ll play at cuckolding, but no actual sexual intercourse will take place between her and another guy.

Question: What’s too complicated about an ongoing cuckold relationship ?

Elise: I don’t want any feelings involved on either side. THAT’S when I feel like I’m cheating. And although Nick would like me to be with someone I care about and who cares about me, he does deal with feelings of jealousy, and I don’t want to deal with that. For me, it takes all of the fun out of it. Also, as I said, both Nick and I have had relationships where the partner fell in love and wouldn’t let go. That’s the last thing I want. That’s why I’d rather have it be a one-time event, at a sex club or something. We get the thrill, but none of the hassle.

Nick: I’m not for a cuckold lifestyle. I could see us possibly, possibly having a bull who was tuned into what we wanted, played with us every once in a while and then it was over. He’d have to be a pretty mature, down-to-earth guy who had a solid life and who we both trusted, and who completely understood and respected our boundaries.

Even if we found him, for me, cuckolding is an erotic/submissive space I go to with Elise, that space has a beginning and end for both of us and then we go back to being exclusive and equals.

Really what we want is a mfm threesome, with a guy who might be somewhat dominant to touch Elise’s submissive side, who is hot for her and I watch or wait outside submissively. Some would say that doesn’t make me a true cuckold, but anything more than that, at least at this point, and I’d struggle with jealousy, insecurity and want to know everything Elise was saying and doing with him. Elise wouldn’t want to deal with that. She’d shut it down and I don’t blame her.

Watch for more questions and answers later!

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